Thursday, December 27, 2012


Really though - a truly thoughtful question -- Where does time go? What I mean is yucky stuff on plates goes down the disposal, garbage goes to dumpsters, recyclables go to the recycle plant, old clothes to Goodwill or Other Mother, snow melts, rain waters our gardens, leaves that fall become compost...but time, where does it go? An interesting thought for me today....

Because today.....Caleb got braces! On the way to the orthodontist I asked him if he was nervous and he says, "NO! I am excited!", practically bouncing out of his seat in the back of our blue mini-van. I said, "Well I'm nervous!" He asked why and I proceeded to remind him that just a short, short time ago he was BORN; like came outta my belly and fit in the palm of Ben's hand, born. And now I am driving him to get braces. And to add to the mess of "grown-up-ness" he got an ipod AND a fish for Christmas and he looked at me and smiled so big on the 25th and said, "I must be growing up and you trust me." And I almost melted on the floor right there, because seriously, where does time go? How is it that a 4lb, 14oz preemie can grow into a pre-teen young man, getting braces and pets to take care of? How is it that the time between the hospital and the orthodontist can seem so short? How does time fly? And where does it go?

All I can say is this... "Oh God, dear God, I pray that my daily investment in these little tiny beings that you have entrusted to me will lead them down a path to you. Please help me invest my time wisely and for Your glory." Some one told me once...back when the babies were almost 4 and 5 pounds...that the days of raising kids would be long but the years short. Oh how right you were wise woman. Gonna go hug those crazy-fast growing kids...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Countdown to Christmas...

Our house is all a buzzzzz this seems, for the first time, all four kids know that something is happening...something is going to happen...and that this is the season for expecting the unexpected. Surprises and gifts, decorations and lights, babies being born in mangers and cows being the undignified visitors. It all is filled with awe and wonder. How could it happen that we DO nothing and get gifts, just because it's Christmas? Oh how it makes me understand GRACE and how a mighty God came to a lowly earth, not because we DESERVED it but just because He wanted to give us a gift, the greatest gift, life.

Ok on to the little details of what's happening around here...we do a countdown in our house and it is so FUN! This year I tried super hard to take a picture of every day but I failed miserably. Oh well - here's the recap of our countdown so far!

DAY 3 - Craft
The crazy craft table

Hot Cocoa snowmen that they got to give away! Super cute

DAY 5 - Sparkling Cider
Sparkling Cider with Pizza and a tablecloth, very classy

DAY 8 - Snowman Day
Alena's creation
Nate's Snowman

Caleb's Snowguy 


 Day 10 - Game Night!!
Da Boyz playing Blokus
Day 12- Carols and Cocoa

Day 17 - Gingerbread Houses :)

It's been a fun month! Merry Christmas to all!