Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh Summer, sweet Summer, where art thou Summer?

We had, seriously, the BEST summer ever. It was long, hot, filled with fun, sweet memories and just plain wonderful.

The most amazing thing about this summer was that Ben did not have to teach summer school. For the past few years Ben has had commitments during the summer that didn't allow us much time to be together as a family. But this year he worked very part time with a flexible boss :) So he was around to play with us a lot more this summer, it was a gift.

We started out by taking a road trip to visit my grandpa and grandma in Weiser, Idaho. There's really ONE main thing that happens in Weiser - The fiddle festival. So we planned our trip around going to that MAIN event. It was a real good time. It was exciting to see family, we capped our time by stopping in to see my Aunt and Uncle in Boise. (We also snuck in a quick visit to some friends of ours from Tacoma that moved to Boise recently - Yeah for the Knesals!)
Road Trip!

The Stoehr great-grands and kids!

My sweet Aunt Tammy! xo

 Arts Camp for Caleb and Nathan and VBS for Alena
Nathan strong and mighty

 HIKING with the kiddos!

Fourth of July was spent with friends, family and...guns. An interesting combination but super fun!
Does it get any better than this? True country livin'.

Trips to the pond to fish and hunt for frogs
Caleb with his frog Beans

Nathan fishing with dad

Riverfront Park!

A visit from our FUN FRIEND WINNIE!!!
Love ya Winnie!

A trip to Wenatchee to see the Sutherland clan; Jocelyn, Ethan and Kyle. Mama Susan hosted us as if we were queens. Love.

Kyle, Ethan, Alena, Nathan

Hello hot tub in 100 degree weather! :)

Lemonade Stands

Little boys keeping it cool

FUN, FuN, fUn, FUN trip to Tacoma - friend, water parks, zoo, etc
Arielle and Alena

Titus adoring Myron

I got to be at the shower for Joc and Hailey!

Mr and Mrs Titus and Ruby Cochran

They are training for the Olympics

PD Zoo with Hippes and Mocks

My gracious hostess

Rainer's game!

Baseball chic

CAMPING with friends - so extremely enjoyable
Lizzy, Alena, Luke, Caleb, Nathan, Isaiah

Da boys

MY boys

Best buds

Swim lessons
Alena waiting for her lesson
Looks like we had a fun summer huh? It WAS a blast. It's an amazing feeling when you get to a spot where you know, "this is our family," the 6 of us. What will we do? One thing we established this summer is, we are a family that has fun together! Good-by to summer for now - I anticipate your return!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm baaaaaaa-aaaack!

Ok here's one thing I am not going to lie about - blogging is hard. It takes some time and energy to write and then edit and then pick pictures and then edit and then post and then edit one more time... Anyway, time and energy was not something I had extra of this summer. I gave it all to the littles in my life. And it was totally worth it.

On another note, I left you last with a just one year old boy (who's now almost 16 months old! *gasp) and a big move looming. Well, I will have you know that we indeed did move... to the country!  We are trying this whole acreage-living. Which really goes well with my life theme of simplicity. Seriously.

So, I will introduce you to our new home. (amateur pictures, or should I say immature? Anyway, I don't claim to be a photographer, but maybe it will appease some curiosity nonetheless). And then I might take you back in time (to the summer I talked about where I gave all my time and energy to the 4 littles) and then we will press on.

Without further ado (about nothing).... here is 4202 E Olmsted - The newest Cochran residency.

Handmade signs, watch out I'm getting all crafty on ya! Hahahahaha
Front yard. PS - Everything is dead because <SURPRISE> it never rains here.

Look's the chicken coop.

Our garden and fun cage!

Garth, the most friendly dog ever (and obedient) he visits EVERY morning
Our lunch guest, Lappa, she eats the plums and apples from our "orchard"

Back deck

Our 1/4 mile driveway to the highway

Big climbing tree. The boys prayed for this! Look how the Lord gives abundantly! :)

Going to the pond
 So there you have it folks. 4202. So far we all enjoy it a lot!! It's nothing fancy but I think we like it that way. It brings us opportunity for lots of adventures and space to PLAY. Which we are all really good at.

Happy home, happy hearts.