Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Moms Need Breaks

The title is true.

But, FYI, bloggers need breaks too. Obviously. Since I have taken about a 5 month hiatus and still call myself a blogger. I know, the good bloggers don't take breaks. But I do. So, follow me or don't, but I just want to warn you - I take vacations from blogging.

But I'm back and that counts. It's the coming back that is hard though. You think, ummm, what do I do? I forgot how to blog. I can't remember what to do. It's too hard. I want another break......and I talk myself in and out of topics and around and around the point of blogging... and yet, I write.

The title is true.

Moms need breaks. I went to a MOPS convention 2 weeks ago. It was a mom break. I went to Kansas City (got on an airplane!!!!!) for 5 whole days. Without kids. Without husband. Without noses (read: snot). Without diapers (read: poop). It was good. It inspired me to come home and potty train my two year old and take away his binky and homeschool everyone again. JUST KIDDING. Actually, what happened was that I was reminded of some essentials, had great times with some new friends, I missed my husband a ton... and as for the kids, well...honestly, I hoped they were alive when I got back.

Moms need breaks. My mom brain works really hard making sure the kids all stay in a state of breathing thriving. So, I welcomed the break and went on to this MOPS convention. MOPS stands for: Mothers of Preschoolers. It's an international organization that most of you probably have heard of. What's their mission you ask?: MOPS exists to encourage, equip and develop every mother of preschoolers to realize their potential as a woman, mother and leader in the name of Jesus Christ. Nice mission. GREAT potential. There were 3,200 mops at the convention. If they average 2 kids each that's 6,400 kids reached and if they average more like 3 kids each the number grows to 9,600. Almost 10,000 kids! The point is to encourage, equip and develop the MOMS but I think the direct result is in the KIDS. Anyway... the moms were there for a break...

Moms need breaks to be reminded of the basics. And they brought in some amazing speakers to do this reminding. Which was Awe.Some! Hearing women like Beth Moore, Jen Hatmaker, Eliza Morgan, Lysa TerKeurst relate to all of us as moms was very encouraging. And it definitely brought me right back to the basics. A speaker like Beth Moore- she points you straight to Jesus and your bible and reminds you that's where you will find life. Jen Hatmaker- she points you straight to Jesus and the bible and reminds you that's where you will find purpose. Eliza Morgan- well she, she points you straight to Jesus and the bible and reminds you when life gets really, really, messy that's where you will find hope. And then that Lysa TerKeurst- she pointed us straight to Jesus and the bible and told us that's where we find the manual to be a good wife and mom. Seriously, it was awesome to be in a room with 3,200 women and every speaker on the stage just kept pointing us to Jesus and the bible. Because, guess what? When I got home, that's exactly what I needed to be pointed to!! Beth and Jen don't live here. Eliza and Lysa aren't next door giving me pep talks when Titus throws himself into a fit because he can't have a Blow Pop at 6:45am. It was so good to be reminded that Jesus is the answer. It was good to remember, He is the ultimate example. That when I do what he did (bring back the WWJD bracelets!!), my kids are affected. HE AFFECTS THEM. But I have to be the body He can work through.

I needed the break to be reminded of this fact. I get so wrapped up in ME. From the moment that little boy stomps into my room and hits my face to wake me - I'm distracted by me- what I want. What I need. How many hours of beauty sleep I need to wake up beautiful. How many cups of coffee I need before I should be asked a question. How many minutes I should get on the computer, undistracted. And it goes on -All. Day. Long. But really, really, I want to be about Jesus and the bible. Deep down it's what I long for. Call me crazy, but I think it's what I was created for. And so the break, to remind me who I am, was good. It reminded me, it's all about Jesus. And I want to be His vessel. So my baby steps are #1- read the bible more daily :) and #2- wake up nice mom not crazy mom. And 3 - (Which is still on the "to do") will be to take a deep breath (listen) before responding.

Thanks to MomCon I think I'll be a better mom. I know it's the coming back that is hard. What do I do? I forgot how to be a mom. I forgot how to love Jesus with my whole heart. I can't remember what to do. It's too hard. I want another break......and I talk myself in and out of my baby steps, and yet, I am mom. And I'm back.

Until next time,
Ms. Simplicity