Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Titus, Sweet Titus



Ready to play in the snow!

Loves his hats


He LOVES bath time

Just being like the big kids

His handiwork in the bathroom

He really loves hats

Dr, Dr, are you awake?

Did I mention he loves to wear hats?

Cheese (first successful dinner out with Titus)

Lovin' him some hat time
I think it's amazing how the Lord creates each one of us with a unique design. I am in awe at how children from the same parents can be so totally different...4 amazing children with their own purpose to fulfill. Thank you God for these 4, most precious gifts. Today, I thank you especially for Titus (and the 3 hour nap he took). I love you sweet boy. You are one of a kind and I anticipate watching the Lord continue to use your bright smile, determined ways and awesome appetite. Love you T!