Thursday, April 26, 2012


Sometimes when it's just Titus and I doing errands...I think, "ohhh, this is what my friends were talking about." See when you have twins first you have NO CLUE what you are missing out on. Going to the grocery store is not really that difficult with one kid. Nether is cleaning the house, going to the post office, eating at a restaurant, going to the bathroom, making lunch, etc. It's been a little treat to just have Titus and I in the afternoons this year. Just he and I conquering the world. He's a good little boy too. He's happy and just needs a few snacks to stay that way for a long time. And I realized it's the first time, really in awhile, that I've just had one little buddy for a chunk of time...It's been fun. It's been easier.
Love you Titus Joseph, thanks for being my little man.
T and I at the Easter egg hunt

Thursday, April 19, 2012


How do you say moose in plural? Like mouse vs mice, dog vs dogs...moose vs mooses? or moose vs moo-ice? I don't know but I doubt it matters...there are TWO moose (moosice?) in my backyard today. In fact, they are still there and it's been 2 hours now. Here's the story....

I had a visit from a very special GG today and she decided it was about time to head home at about 2:30pm. So I walked her out to the car only to see my neighbor, on his bike, looking at me kinda goofy-like, kinda like "do-you-know-what-I-know" kind of look. So I said hi. And he said, "Did you see the mama moose and baby moose in your back yard? You better be careful." So I quickly said goodbye to my special visitor, and hurried inside. I've heard that protective mama moose (moosez?) are not one to be messed with.

Sure enough they were peeking out from behind the bushes...

And then after wandering around the side yard a bit they walked right across the backyard:
Got a drink from the little pond back there.....
And then laid down for a nap:
They are still there and it's 3 hours later. They must have been really tired....


I feel like I'm on National Geographic or something! Crazy.

The kids keep checking on them..they think it's pretty cool, they were just bummed they couldn't play outside today.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In Honor of the Little Things

Those of you who know me well probably think the title of this blog is a little ... odd. I mean let's just be honest, for those of you who DON'T know me as well... I get pretty excited about the big things and sometimes the little things get lost... Does this happen to all moms? I'm not sure if it's just me, my personality, or that with four kids running around somehow the little things get lost in the chaos of the day to day. Anyway, I'm rambling.

Lately, probably because of the move and all, I have been more intent, and more focused on the little things. Maybe it also has something to do with Titus being our last little one, it has made me WANT to enjoy each moment, each diaper change*, each little thing, and to HONOR it. To me that means get excited! It's easy to get excited about the loss of a kid's tooth and believe me I do!! But what about the awesome "swing time" we had at the park last week or the cool salad I made this weekend? It's just fun to enjoy those little things too, to get excited. So, in honor of the little things here are a few pictures! Enjoy!

Swinging at the park! Alena SOO enjoyed giving the pushes!

Titus' first fort

I made matching skirts for the two most beautiful girls I know!

We have been able to wear short sleeves! Spring is arriving!
Hope you have a great day honoring the little things!!!

* Regarding diaper changes...let's say on average a kid wears 2000 diapers a year... I have changed approximately 22,000 diapers and I probably have about 4,000 left, so I am enjoying each diaper change BECAUSE even though I know I will LOVE having a diaper free house (and budget) it is a stage forever gone...and that is worthy of being honored. Happy diaper changing to my mama friends!