Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paleo what???

So, ok, confession, we are trying to go Paleo around here.

Basically how this has been explained to me, by my husband (bless him), is that we are trying to eat like cavemen and cavewomen. Hmmm, ok. He also told me this week that we should try to exercise like the cave people and also sleep like them.** Perfect, I can go to bed when it gets dark, at 4:37pm, and he can exercise by running from danger the kids. This is gonna work for me I think.

No, honestly, we have been thinking about this, talking about this, and test-trialing it for years and we have been practicing it (AT DINNER TIME ONLY) <----- please read that part---> for a few months, ok for a few weeks, ok about 3/7 meals a week. And it's actually been good. Mostly. The hardest part is that some people are SO Paleo. Which is weird. But I pretty much think all diets are kind of odd. I mean who doesn't love egg nog and chocolate and wine every night once in awhile? Not to mention, think about what you eat for breakfast...please tell me you answered with "BISCOTTI-every-single-day"... it's hard to find something good with no gluten.

BUT! We have found, what I am calling, The Paleo Book From Heaven. It's actual title is: Against All Grain by Danielle Walker. It is awesome. First of all, google the book or her blog, look at her picture, and clearly she is not Paleo-weirdo. She's just a mom who had some health issues and has taken time to make really good alternatives to all the "bad" stuff with gluten and sugar and all those chemicals. The key to that last sentence is: she has taken the time to make really good alternatives. For example, we have made, and thoroughly enjoyed, her ketchup and her mayonnaise, and might I add right here, that we have tried a lot of recipes for these condiments. Hers are the best.

Also, every dinner we have tried has been so yummy. Even the kids have eaten them! And the kids are always my hold up....I don't want my kids to ever think they are on a diet. This has been my main concern in this debate of switching over (when I say switching what I mean is, we eat Paleo most of the time but there is always room for cheats, which include but are not limited to, egg nog/wine/chocolate/all desserts/and black licorice, these are just the current exceptions, please check back for more added next week). But back to the switch.. the nice thing about her reciepes is that they are pretty kid friendly and if there IS something missing (like the bun on a bacon burger) it's easy to buy the kids some buns and x-nay them for us. That way they have NO CLUE what is happening in their little world! It's awesome.

Lastly, I would add that most of her recipes don't ask for Paleo-weirdo ingredients. Well, at least not the ones I've tried. Which is helpful because really who knows what some of that stuff is? Even if I use google to find out WHAT it is, it's super hard to find out WHERE to buy it. I'm not into traveling all over town to find coconut aminos. Just call it what it is - soy sauce without gluten. And then find it wherever you already shop... ya know? Alright well, I wanted to add a few recipes here but I will blog another time about my love for Danielle and her simple, yummy recipes. For now, just keep me accountable to my 3/7 dinners and I'm working on eliminating the egg nog, ok??

Ms. Simplicity (the not Paleo-weirdo)

**To Ben's defense he is reading Paleo Manifesto by John Durant, so he's a little Paleo-weirdo right now...let's give him time and see if it sticks.


  1. awesome balance! Casey

  2. Good luck with this! I'm excited to see how it works...I'll be reading!