Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That Time I Was a Guest Blogger

You guys... maybe you saw it on Facebook, or maybe you didn't, but either way - it's true.

I was ACTUALLY a Guest Writer (<--- sounds professional, I know) on a blog!

My post is: HERE

The amazing creator of this blog is a friend from college. Cara, is a real-live speaker, blogger, mom. And she is doing this awesome series called - "...nothing, in fact, is small." - les mis -- You know, the famous opera.

All of this WAY awesome/professional stuff is a little foreign to me, but she posted my writing!!

You gotta check it out.

And while you are there, just follow her blog, she posts tons of great readings on books, life, being a mom, guest writings every Tuesday and more!!

She also has a FB page - Be. Mama. Be. Go 'like' it, it does not disappoint.

Thanks friends!!
Ms. Simplicity

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